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2013 was an interesting year, in both the good sense and the interesting one.

Starting off the with good...

Queen's Hunt made the 2012 Locus Recommended Reading List. The NPR Books Tumblr gave a lovely shout-out to Thief of War, which was also selected for Some of the Best from, 2013. Reviews for Allegiance overall were quite good, and I am delighted the conclusion to the trilogy left readers satisfied. I also participated in John Scalzi's Big Idea series, SF Mind Meld, Mary Robinette Kowal's My Favorite Bit, and 3 Good Things, and Liz Bourke interviewed me for her Sleeps With Monsters column on

The interesting part included a number of changes in publication schedule. The Time Roads is coming out much earlier than previously expected, which made for some exciting deadlines. Edge of the Empire and the rest of the River of Souls series are on hold for now. And the Firebirds #4 anthology, with my story The Ghost Dragon's Daughter, has been delayed to 2015.

All these delays mean I'm no longer under a crushing deadline. Which is both a relief and a little unnerving. I've decided to treat this an an opportunity and make this year the year I write for fun. Of course I want to sell more books to my publisher, but I also want to satisfy my own itches. My project list for the next year is, therefore, a mix of old and new.

So. To summarize last year, and give a peek into the next...

2013 Publications

Queen's Hunt, River of Souls #2, paperback reprint
Allegiance, River of Souls #3, hardcover
Thief of War, a River of Souls novella
The Science of Magic, flash fiction for's Writing Prompts feature

2014 Publications

Allegiance, River of Souls #3, paperback reprint (rescheduled to July 2015 in tradepaperback)
The Time Roads, alternate history with mathematics and time travel, hardcover

2014 Projects

Nocturnall, a short story set 35 years after Allegiance (written in 2012, in rewrites)
Edge of the Empire, a prequel to the River of Souls trilogy (written in 2007, needs revision)
In The Presence of Her Enemies, Valara's return to Morennio├╣, (a draft exists, but it needs a complete rewrite)
St. Brendan's Isle, my Not-Mansfield-Park novel, with magic and polyamory

These projects might change depending on what happens through the year, but at the least, I will get the short story out to markets, and a proposal package for St. Brendan's Isle to my agent. From there, we'll see what happens.
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I am very pleased to report that my River of Souls novella, "Thief of War," is now up on I started off writing this story knowing only that a spy had come to Duenne to steal Lir's jewels. Everything else was a discovery.


Jul. 14th, 2013 09:00 am
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No Sunday essay today. I'm at Readercon this weekend, meeting new people, catching up with old friends, and talking about books.

In the meantime, here is the cover art for my novella, "Thief of War," forthcoming in September on

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Or rather, kings and queens and the lands they rule.

As you know, dear reader, the River of Souls trilogy and its associated stories are epic fantasy, so there's a lot of talk about kingdoms and empires and political intrigue. I've written about Ilse and her own personal story in last week's post. This week, I wanted to cover more about the world she lives in.

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Mar. 10th, 2013 10:06 am
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Oh my, this past week has been strange and wonderful and awful.

The infamous Go-Live never happened. Of course the notice came after we'd all put in lots of overtime. I also came down with a horrible cold. Oh, and the two inches of snow predicted for Friday turned into 15 inches of snow. Alas, Rob is in Germany until next week, and I'm too sick to operate the snow blower, so I've been housebound. I've also been too sick to work on copyedits for ALLEGIANCE.


Thursday also brought the wonderful news that my novella, now titled "Thief of War," has sold to!

"Thief of War" is the true story of how Leos Dzavek stole Lir's jewels and caused the downfall of the Empire. I've posted one snippet from the original draft here. Here's another:

I lie on my back staring at the ceiling of my new bedroom. Biss crouches at my feet, attacking my toes under the quilt Nedda lent to me. The room is much smaller than my apartment in my family's household, and much plainer. In the northlands, families decorate their homes with tapestries of dyed wool, depicting the history of our people. The ceilings are either wood, carved into patterns, or they are overlaid with precious stones arranged to reflect the constellations. The walls and ceiling of my room in Duenne are plain white plaster, but I am comfortable enough.

I cannot comprehend my position, not truly. It took me three months to traverse the distance from Hólar in northern Versterlant to the province of Veraene in the heart of the Erythandran Empire. I traveled by ship, by horseback, and finally by caravan. Each day, I was convinced someone would question my papers, my qualifications, but no one had. Léna was right, I thought. Pretend to trust them, and they trust you in return.

But. So. Here I am, no longer Arbija Ismaili of Versterlant, but Irene Denk, a new student of Duenne's University. The Registrar has approved me. The Bursar confirmed my payments, secured as they are through various banking houses in Ysterien and their representatives in Duenne itself. Through those same representatives, disguised by other connections from Versterlant and Austerlant to Tiralien and then into Fortezzien, I will receive an adequate allowance to establish myself.

All that is left to me is to steal the goddess's jewels from the Emperor.


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