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I had only one publication this year, The Time Roads, which came out from Tor in October. It's an alternate history, set in a world where Ireland is the empire and England its colony. It's also a set of four braided tales. Three of them have been published elsewhere. (Asimov's, Postscripts, and PS Publishing, plus one made an appearance in a Year's Best anthology.) I've edited them for world building details and continuity. One novella ("The Time Roads") is new.
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RT Book Reviews has posted the list of nominees for their 2014 Reviewers Choice Awards! And The Time Roads is on the list for Best Fantasy Novel!

*does happy author dance*
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Today is my reading and signing in New London, CT. (Details here)

Happily, the book appears to be selling. Having it on the shelf in lots of bookstores helps, as do posts and reviews and giveaways from SF Signal, The Book Smugglers, Tynga's Reviews, Fantasy Review Barn, and lots of blogs.

I'm also recovering, slowly but steadily, from the bronchitis.

The one thing that has me feeling gloomy is time, lack thereof. Between the bronchitis and the absolute chaos at work, my progress on Current Novel has slowed to a crawl. I have ten chapters so far, with detailed notes for the next two. I need more time. I need less stress from the dayjob. I'm not sure I'll get either before next year. (But I do have plans to fix that situation.)

So, for now. Tiny forward steps.
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Date: Sunday, November 2nd
Time: 2PM - 3:30PM
Place: The Monte Cristo Bookshop

I'll be reading from my new book, The Time Roads, and answering questions about the book, publishing, and other such stuff. See the store's website (linked above) for more details and directions.

Need more details about the event? Here they are!
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...I was all hopeful that I was nearly over my cold. Alas, the cold turned into asthmatic bronchitis, and I spent this past week alternating between scary bouts of uncontrollable coughing and staring at the ceiling in a haze.

I'm doing better now, though I'm telling myself not to immediately plunge into overdrive. (That I'm still easily exhausted helps to remind me not to overdo things.)

So. Other than that, here's a few things from the past week:

On Wednesday, Tynga's Reviews interviewed me as part of their Paranorm'All Hallows Eve event. You can also enter a giveaway for copy of The Time Roads.

On Thursday, my fourth guest post appeared on Magical Words, wherein I talk about The Revision Monster and how I go about turning a first draft into a final one.

And on Friday, The Books Smugglers talk about The Time Roads and non-Victorian steampunk on their Kirkus blog. They are also holding a giveaway for one copy on their blog.

Meanwhile, all these reviews and interviews about The Time Roads are feeding the images for a sequel. So far, I know there will be two main characters: Gwen Madóc is one. Aidrean Ó Deághaidh's daughter is another. I know it takes place twenty or thirty years after the end of fourth novella. And I know it's definitely a novel and not another collection of shorter works. Other images are wispy.

It's far too soon to start writing anything, even notes. The story has to collect more details. Which is okay, because I have this other novel that is yammering for my attention.
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And here is my final guest post on the Magical Words blog: The Revision Monster, wherein I talk about how I approach revision.

Many thanks to [ profile] davidbcoe for inviting me to share my thoughts about writing.

Tomorrow: Another giveaway!
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Interview and Giveaway on Tynga's Reviews is live now!

Head on over and read what I have to say about The Time Roads, the possibility of more River of Souls books, and my favorite part of the fall season. Bonus photo of the view from my back patio. And did I mention the giveaway for a free copy of The Time Roads?
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This week is a double-header for The Time Roads.

On Wednesday, as part of their Paranorm'All Hallovews Eve event, Tynga's Reviews will have an interview with me, plus a review, plus a giveaway. Yay!

On Friday, The Book Smugglers will review The Time Roads and hold a giveaway on their Kirkus blog.

Meanwhile, I need to get back to writing Current Novel....
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To quote from my acknowledgments page... "Twelve years ago I sat down to write a story about murder, mathematics, and time. One story soon turned into three, with the hope of someday writing the fourth and final chapter of this braided tale."

Today is the day! The Time Roads is out in the world. Fly, little book! Fly!

So what is The Time Roads about? It's an alternate history, set in the early 20th century, in a world where Éire (Ireland) is an empire, and England one of its dependencies. It's also a world where scientists are investigating a phenomenon called time fractures, which they hope to exploit to travel through time.

It's also not a novel, exactly. It's a book with four stand-alone novellas, which link together to tell the larger story of time and Éire's entry into the modern age. Three of those novellas have been published over the past seven years. A Flight of Numbers Fantastique Strange appeared in Asimov's (June, 2006). The Golden Octopus was published in Postscripts Magazine (September, 2008), and was later reprinted in The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2009. Ars Memoriae came out in hardcover from PS Publishing (December, 2009). The Time Roads is original to this book.

Someone asked me recently if I planned to write more stories in this world. Last year, my answer would have been a definite no. I'm done with these characters. I told the story I wanted to tell. Éire has survived and entered the modern age. What else is left to say?

A few weeks ago, however, I caught a glimpse of a new character and the possibility of a new set of stories set several decades after The Time Roads. So now my answer is maybe. :)

Where to buy The Time Roads:
     Barnes & Noble
     Indie Bound
     Mysterious Galaxy
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My first guest post is up at Magical Words:

Writing Advice, the Meta Post

Wherein I give advice about writing advice. Stop by, read, and make a comment.
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...until The Time Roads comes out.

Between now and then, I have several deadlines at work, followed by a much-needed vacation. (London! Bath! Stuff!) I'll get back in time for Book Day, but other than a celebratory visit to a bookstore, I won't be doing much on the day itself.

That doesn't mean I'm doing nothing at all. I have four articles scheduled at the Magical Words blog, one each Thursday throughout October, and Tynga's Reviews will interview me for their Paranorm'All Hallows Eve.

And at some point, I will get back to writing that next book.
beth_bernobich: red mushroom (Rose Fractal) Book Day for The Time Roads.

I am very excited by this, though at the moment, I'm too tired to show it. :)

Work has been extra chaotic, eating up brain space** and writing time. On the one hand, this is frustrating. On the other, I tell myself that I have no deadlines, so I can take my time and savor the process of taking a good story and making it better.

** As I typed these words, Fred gifted me with an image of Aidrean Ó Deághaidh's daughter coming to Éire for the first time and doing the Queen a vital service. Wicked Fred.


Aug. 31st, 2014 09:04 am
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allegiance... latest news says the paperback version will appear next october.

coda story.... might appear in that same paperback. or not. but there are possibilities under discussion. one concern i have about adding it to the paperback is that it then won't be freely available to those who already bought the e-book or hardcover.

geek girl story.... alas, the very shiny anthology that bought this story got shelved. sooooo, story is currently in a slushpile, awaiting its turn.

edge of the empire... revising because i need to. i first wrote this novel seven years ago. it sold four years ago. i'm a better writer now and i think i can bring the story up a notch or three.

the time roads... six weeks to book day! i have guest blogs posts scheduled for the magical words blog. tynga's reviews will interview me during their paranorm'all hallows eve celebration, plus hold a giveaway for the time roads.
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...was a week where I made almost no progress on Current Novel. But! I made a polishing pass on one short story, and I finished another round of revisions on my River of Souls coda story. Story #1 is now sitting in a slush pile, waiting its turn. The coda story...I don't know yet. I have to read it through one more time to see how I feel.

Meanwhile, reviews for The Time Roads have started to appear. Publishers Weekly did not care for the book. Skiffy and Fanty, however, did. Other reviews have been just as polarized. I suspect this will be a book that you either love or hate.

And about Current Novel. I currently have nine chapters written, for about 28K words. This week promises to be another hectic one at the dayjob, so I've set myself a smaller goal. Go through my notes for the next two chapters. Tweak them a bit if necessary. Set up my files for next weekend when I can dive into the prose itself.

bit by bit

Aug. 5th, 2014 08:27 am
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As I've mentioned before, one of the hardest parts about publishing—for any author—is getting noticed. If people don't know about your book, they won't buy it. And even the smallest mention can help. So I was happy to come across a mention of THE TIME ROADS in Library Journal's SF/F Spotlight:


Aug. 3rd, 2014 10:05 am
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Last month at the dayjob, we interviewed five or six people for our .NET team. One person starts tomorrow, and another person is negotiating salary and/or other terms. Management also assigned a current employee, someone with SQL and Report Design experience to the team, which will be a great help. That brings us up to four developers, with several more planned. (Plus Newbie, alas.)

Current Novel is close to 30% done. Or maybe 40%. I've now crossed into the middle section of the novel, which is generally where chapters start to multiply, while other scenes vanish entirely as I figure out the details, so I won't know the true length of the novel until I have a complete draft.

Meanwhile, the e-ARC for THE TIME ROADS showed up on NetGalley this week. I'm hoping that this means more reviewers will see the book. I also hope they like it, naturally, but first steps first. As Kameron Hurley said, "Nobody can love a book they don’t know about."


Jun. 23rd, 2014 10:04 am
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...for THE TIME ROADS showed up Friday. *pets the shiny ARCs*

(This means reviewers should get their copies in the next couple weeks.)

(Speaking of which, if you are interested in reviewing my book, either drop me a line so I can let my publicist know, or contact her directly. Her email is:

(Oh, and you can reading the opening here)
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...I finished reviewing the page proofs for THE TIME ROADS and sent off my list of corrections. (And by the way, I loved the interior design. Very elegant.) This marks the point where the book truly leaves my hands and starts its last dash toward release. ARCs should go out...early next month? Reviews should start showing up in September. I am both excited and anxious.

Meanwhile, I'll take this week to review and revise several promised guest blog posts. Then it's back to Current Novel. I've just reached the point where the first victim makes her appearance. (Still alive, but not for long.)
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It's Mother's Day in the US, and it's my husband's birthday. Since our Sunday evenings are generally taken up with necessary chores, we went out for dinner last night, then came home to swim in the pool in the moonlight. Low-key and lovely.

Today is all about house chores, however, with possibly some gardening. No fiction writing, though. I'm using this break between copyedits and page proofs for The Time Roads to make a dent in the chaos. Sorting mail. Dusting and vacuuming. Tackling all those tasks I neglected over the past month.

What about Current Novel, you ask? My agent loves the new version of the synopsis and chapters. ("They went from Good to GOOD!" is the quote.) Her goal is to go out on submission this week. Fred, that happy muse, is feeding me new scenes and details. I will jot them down as I can, but I really want to resist diving back into the draft until I'm done with The Time Roads.


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