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...for all the kind words about my collection. Now to write a new story and come up with a title.
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...for the congratulations and kind words about my sale. Taking a page from TOC-mate [ profile] maryrobinette, here is an excerpt:

He was not a rich man, this Doctor รณ Cuilinn. He had arrived in a hired van, with no servants, no assistants, and had transported the five large crates to the interview chamber himself using a freight trolley. He must have assembled the machine as well. That would account for the oil stain on the sleeve of his frock coat, and the dusty knees of his trousers.

The machine itself gleamed in brass and silver splendor upon the table. It was as large as a man's torso and shaped like an octopus, with shining glass tubes writhing about the massive central orb. Wires ran through the center of the tubes, like thin black veins; more wires snaked over the table and connected the device to a crate of batteries sitting on the floor. The metals themselves, however beautiful, were likely chosen for their properties, I thought, remembering the man's initial letter. And it required a great deal of electricity. But what were those strange knobs and dials for?
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...everyone. I truly meant to reply to all your kind posts, but there are only so many ways to say thank-you. Or maybe this would work:

Thank you!

And for those who asked...

The novels are fantasy, with lots of magic, political intrigue, and, well, sex. And more magic. And some weird stuff. The main characters are Ilse Zhalina, who ran away from home at fifteen to avoid an unwanted marriage, and Lord Raul Kosenmark, the elder son of a Duke and a former Councilor to the king, now exiled from Court, who also happens to be a bisexual eunuch.

Have I scared anyone yet?
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...everyone for the kind words and congratulations.

My short story inventory is now absolutely empty. I'm working on a new one, but unless I get ambushed by Fred the Plot Guy, I go back to novels once it's done. (So I can build up *that* inventory after a long lull.)
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...everyone, for the congratulations and kind words. We have our first phone call scheduled for next Tuesday.

It still doesn't feel quite real.

*pets the shiny email*
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I love you.


You are the kind and generous souls who volunteer your scant free time to read my drafts. For that alone, I am grateful, because without readers my stories are incomplete. But then, you do more. You examine and you analyze, and you give me your comments and suggestions and concerns. You find the flaws in my plot, the weaknesses in my characterization. You point out where I was more than a wee bit indulgent in prose, where my hands waved unconvincingly, and where the bridge between words and reader failed.

You articulate clearly those problems I only glimpsed and suspected, outlining them with the bright light of your wisdom. (Speaking of indulgent prose, but it's true.)

And then, as a final benediction, you offer me hope. You tell me "fix all this and it should find a good home. Others will want to read it, too." And because I know you well, I know that your words of encouragement are not empty phrases. If my stories are fat, I know you won't lie.

So thank you.

*offers bon-bons*

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Thank you, everyone, for all the kind words and congratulations. I'm still quite giddy.

Strangely enough, I did get a lot of work done yesterday, plus some key plotting for the pirate novel, but I don't remember doing any of it. (Perhaps friendly brownies were involved?)
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...everybody for all the kind words about my sale.

And now I better get back to writing!


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