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  1. "Do not call" means do not call.

  2. "We'd like a salesperson to help us" does not mean "Have four salespeople sit around doing nothing except ignore us."

  3. If we say we're in a hurry, believe us.

  4. If we ask a question, please answer it, not its nearest cousin.

  5. When we say we don't like high-pressure sales pitches, we really do mean it.

  6. And finally, "Do not call" means DO NOT CALL, especially early on Monday morning when I'm the only person awake, and I've just figured out that elusive first line for chapter 10.
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General Grievous is cool.

No, Mom, it's not Count Dookie. It's *Dooku*.

(watching Ani and Padme stare at the sunset)This is so unnecessary.

*laugh hysterically*

I don't think we're supposed to laugh at this part.

*laughs again*

(gravely Sidious voice)Goooood!

*laugh hysterically*

(gravely Sidious voice)Goooood!

What do you mean they never noticed he's a Sith Lord? How lame!

But the Wookies are cool.

So is Yoda.

But where are the girl Siths? That's stupid.

(high-pitched voice)Oh *Ani*. I can't walk that path.

Ow! Ow! I'm getting hiccups.

Okay, let's go home.

(Matthew later commented to me, "Maybe they should have named it Revenge of the Stiff.)
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Let's get one thing straight: You Are Scum.

Right. Now that we understand each other, let me just add that it's incredibly stoopid to have this as part of your scam address:


It did make me larff.

But I still hate you.

(ETA: Today's mail brought me the same PayPal scam, but with "" for the link.)


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