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Someone asked me how I would feel if the review in question had been rephrased as "...(the names of the female and male protagonists tend to start with K and sound vaguely Slavic)..." Would it be better or still weird? Still weird, I think. On the other hand, doing that would at least give passing mention to the women in the book.

But then I got to thinking, could I write a similar one for Pride and Prejudice without mentioning Elizabeth Bennet? I bet I could!

"...nobly born protagonists (the males' names tend to include the syllable 'Fitz' and sound vaguely English) plus a few others..."

Or what about A Civil Campaign?

"...nobly born protagonists (the males' names tend to start with the prefix 'Vor' and sound vaguely Slavic) plus a few others..."

Or Les Misérables?

"...nobly born protagonists (the males' names tend to start with the letter 'J' and sound vaguely French) plus a few others..."

I better stop here, but if you are inspired to write your own guys-only summaries, please feel free to add them in the comments.
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As you know, I have a cat named Fig. (See icon with her and her brother Boris.) Now, Fig is a very prim cat—a short-haired, dark gray tabby with neat white paws and a disapproving expression. One very un-cat-like thing about her is that she has almost no interest in treats. Unlike Octavia, she doesn't beg for chicken or fish, and if presented with a bit of steak, will gaze at it curiously before she wanders off.

But this past week, we've discovered that she loves Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream. No, not just loves, she goes wild when she smells it, honking and purring and batting at Rob's hand until he relents and lets her lick out the cup after he's done.

Rob's comment was that if he had to guess her favorite flavor, he would have guessed Hood brand plain vanilla. That got me thinking: was it this particular flavor? The B&J brand? Or had Fig suddenly decided she likes ice cream? (She never wanted any before.)

So, the experiment. I think we need to buy a couple different flavors of B&J. No chocolate, of course, but say, vanilla and coffee. If she likes either of those, we can try her with a different name brand, then maybe a store brand variety.

I'll report back with the results.
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draft n.

1. a current of air, often caused by faulty construction or other unperceived opening(s) in a closed space. See drafty.

2. a particular version of a manuscript, as in She is working on the first draft of her latest novel; also, a document containing numerous plot holes, thus exposing the story to the reader's disbelief.


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