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As y'all know, the first edition of my collection, A Handful of Pearls, went out of print last February. Since then, I've released a second edition as an e-book, but I see from Bookscan that the original paperback version still sells a copy now and then. Eventually, the publisher's stock will run out, and I was wondering about releasing my own print version.

So for readers, my question is: Would anyone be interested in such a thing?

And for authors: Any warnings or suggestions you'd care to share about your own experiences?
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...everyone for the helpful comments on my latest cover attempt. I appreciate your taking the time to let me know what works and what doesn't. I'm going to set this one aside until I get to Oregon, where I can tweak and fiddle things to a higher polish. (My goal is to have the e-story available by the beginning of September.)
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...of my collection on Smashwords. Enter coupon code FU89H when you buy.

Or, the special price is now available on B&N and Amazon.

I'm curious to see if this bumps up the sales, and if it does, for how long.

HOP, cont'd

Jun. 1st, 2011 12:59 pm
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Now that the collection is live on B&N and Amazon, I'm expanding to new markets. A Handful of Pearls will soon be available to buy on Goodreads, as soon as the digital mice run a few more cycles.

I also formatted a .DOC for Smashwords, but when I tried to open a new account, I discovered that my screen name was already taken. Apparently this is a leftover from the old Lethe version, because it lists my real bio and has a link to my webpage. I'm now in contact with Smashwords to get that page & screen name transferred to me. Once that's accomplished, I should be able to get the collection listed on Apple, Sony, Kobo, etc. Strike that last. The amazing Mark Coker took care of everything. I have my account set up, and I've just uploaded the files for the collection.

But how about those sales?

Well, they are slow. I expected that. It's a collection, not a novel. Nor am I a well-known writer, like the amazing [ profile] jimhines. However, a few reviews are in the pipeline from the winners from last week's contest and from RT Book Reviews. I've also submitted the book to a couple other review sites, so hopefully those will generate some notice.

I also have some other plans. At some point, I might run a 99-cent sale, just to see what happens. And in September, I plan to release an e-version of my short story Pig, Crane, Fox. It's really for promoting my YA novel, but new titles tend to give a boost to existing books. Beyond that, I don't know. Maybe Jim will come up with a splendid idea that I can copy. *g*
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Using the trusty, I now have three winners for my e-book giveway. [ profile] hooton, [ profile] ruralwriter, and Milena will each receive a copy of A Handful of Pearls & Other Stories. Please contact me by email with your preference for ePub or Mobi.
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Okay, my collection is finally available from Barnes & Noble. Getting to that point was a bit...frustrating. Apparently, they had a small problem with the information on my account. They still let me upload an e-book, but they never notified me. (The email went astray, they said.) Customer service did respond within a few hours to my email and pointed me to a phone number. That number rang, gave the recorded intro, and went dead. However, another email soon set things straight.

I just spent the last half hour wrestling with the Editorial Reviews section. (The software for updating that appears to have bugs. Also, there's no way to add bold or italic formatting, as far as I can tell.) However, it now looks good enough for my purposes.

I need to concentrate on the novel for a while, but at some point, I want to add the book to Smashwords, and from there to Apple, Sony, and Kobo. And did you know you can sell e-books through Goodreads?
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I'm delighted to announce that the second edition of my collection, A Handful of Pearls & Other Stories, is now available from Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Amazon DE. (Barnes & Noble is on the list, but as usual, it's taking a few days for the book to appear.) And now from Barnes & Noble too! Same stories, but proofed to a higher gloss. Same cover art, but a new design. Just look:

A lot of people helped me make this possible. Vincent Chong, a talented and generous guy, allowed me to use his artwork from the first edition. Neil Clarke gave me all KINDS of helpful advice about ebooks. [ profile] temporus, [ profile] slrose, and [ profile] zweipunktnull checked my various file formats on their eBook readers. Absolute Write's forums and [ profile] jimhines's posts on releasing his own collection cast much-needed light upon the mysterious ways of self-publishing. And lots of other people, including my husband, gave me great feedback on the new cover design.

To celebrate this launch, I'm giving away three copies of the eBook in either ePub or Mobi format. All you have to do is post a comment here, and if you win, post a review of the book on Amazon or B&N within the next month. I'll pick the winner with our trusty friend Deadline for entering is Wednesday, May 25th.

(Note: If you are a book blogger or a reviewer for a trade publication, just contact me for a copy. No need to enter the contest.)


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