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Dec. 1st, 2015 09:00 am
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I am very pleased to report that Nocturnall, the coda to my River of Souls trilogy, is now officially released. It's available on Amazon, Smashwords, and will be on Barnes & Noble as soon as the hamsters powering their computers wake up Barnes & Noble.

Speaking of venues other than Amazon, I've also released The Ghost Dragon's Daughter on Smashwords and B&N.

I'm delighted with how both stories turned out, and I'm doubly pleased to share them with the rest of the world.
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...for my Kickstarter campaign. Nocturnall is now 57% 59% funded, and the campaign ends April 18th. That's this Saturday, folks. Will I make it? Kickstarter lore says there is often a rush at the end, so I still have a good chance.

But here's the thing. Kickstarter is all or nothing. If pledges don't reach $2000 by Saturday night, the project does not get funded.

So I need your help. If you were already thinking about contributing to my campaign, please do it now. $5 gets you an e-copy of Nocturnall. $20 gets you both the e-copy and a signed, limited print edition of the story. Even $1 makes a difference.

If you can't afford to contribute, you can help me by spreading the word to your friends and family. Do you know someone who loves the River of Souls books? Let them know about my coda to the trilogy. If they love epic fantasy, but haven't read the books? There are reward levels that include the trilogy as e-books or paperbacks.

All the details about the campaign, the rewards, and the story are here:

And last, but most important, a big THANK-YOU to everyone. Your support has been amazing.

ETA: And thank you for the new pledges this morning!
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...on Tynga's Reviews about short stories connected to novels. (Also known as the post where I squee about short stories by Stephanie Burgis, Martha Wells, and Ellen Kushner.)
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Today I have a blog post about Epic Romance over on Stephanie Burgis's blog, wherein I talk about epic love stories in fantasy.

Last week, Paul Weimar interviewed me about my River of Souls trilogy and my Kickstarter over on SF Signal.

Speaking of which, I am pleased to report the project is now 45% funded. But! While I am optimistic I can reach my goal, I still have a ways to go. (And with Kickstarter, if I don't reach goal by April 18th, I don't get any of the funds.) So if you have a chance, please let your friends know about the project. Details about the story, the series, and the rewards are here.

Meanwhile, here is the opening to Nocturnall...

When Ilse Zhalina was a young girl, living with her merchant family in the port city of Melnek, she told herself stories about her future. About the books she would read, and the city where she would live. About what her marriage would be like. Could be like. She confined herself to the possible, of course. Several dozen books, not the several hundred of her unruly imagination. A modest house, with a practical garden she would tend herself. As for marriage...

There her speculation had retreated from specifics, but one thing she had vowed. Her life would be nothing like her parents'.

That much I had right.

Ilse selected a sword from the weapons rack. Early morning sunlight filtered between the palace towers, catching the whirl of dust motes in the air, and the stone tiles were warm against her bare feet. Across the drill yard, Raul Kosenmark had begun a practice pattern. When Ilse took her place in the opposite corner, he grinned at her and lunged forward, sword extended. His knees cracked. A grunt escaped him. Ilse suppressed a smile of sympathy.

Ah, my love. You and I are no longer as young as we once were.

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Yes! The campaign is launched!

So what is Nocturnall, and why am I running a Kickstarter?

Here's a link to the campaign page, with all the details.

Shorter version: The third book in my River of Souls trilogy is coming out in paperback this October, and I'm celebrating with a story that is my coda to the series. Nocturnall takes place thirty-five years after the end of Allegiance, with a much older Ilse and Raul. Pledges from this campaign will pay for custom cover art**, copyediting, a limited print edition, and e-book production.

Shorter version: Did I mention we finally get Ilse and Raul both on the cover?

Even if you don't plan to pledge to this project, I would be grateful if you could spread the word. Everything helps ***.

And guys? Thank you for reading here and for all your support over the years.

  * Wherein I successfully avoid the camera.
 ** Ilse and Raul together on the cover, at last.
*** It really does.
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In a burst of editing energy, I ripped through the last 50 pages of Current Novel. The second draft is done and out to readers.

*pause for writer victory dance*

I finished just in time, too, because my Kickstarter for Nocturnall launches on Thursday. I'll have a more detailed post once the campaign goes live, but for now, let me just say there will be all kinds of rewards for pledges, including an e-bundle of the River of Souls trilogy, a limited print edition of Nocturnall, and writer's specials. And of course, everyone gets a thank-you tweet with a pic of Fig or Octavia:

Oh, wait. Wrong cat. Here they are:

(That's Octavia on the left, Fig on the right.)
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This last section for Current Novel is 70 pages long. I finished reading and marking up the pages and was delighted that 15 pages only needed a couple typos fixed. I was less delighted (but not surprised) to confirm that the middle section needs serious editing. Plot details need to be wrenched into shape, and the prose needs more emotional and sensory layers.

So far, I've edited 19 pages, with a net gain of two pages. (Lots of cuts, but lots more additions.) The details are falling into place, the emotions are bubbling to the surface, and I continue to be stupidly happy about the book.

In other news, I finished my Kickstarter video and with some excellent feedback from friends, I've tweaked and project description and rewards. I'm now aiming to launch on March 19th.
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...writing and editing. I made my first reading pass through the new chapters for Current Novel, but I won't start revisions until next weekend. This is the part I hate the most. Well, not hate, but I find it extremely frustrating. I want to dive into the story again, but I need this small break to create distance between me and the text. Because right now, I am just stupidly in love with the book. It needs editing—yea, gods, it needs editing—but these characters and this story? They get me excited all over again.

Luckily I have this Kickstarter project to keep me busy. I have the project info filled out, the reward levels set, a logo, and a script and storyboard for the video.

Here's the logo my husband created for me:

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Way back in 2007, I landed my first novel sale—a three book contract to Tor Books for Passion Play and two sequels. Passion Play came out in October 2010 and, to my eternal delight, won the RT Reviewers' Choice Award for Best Epic Fantasy. Queen's Hunt and Allegiance followed in 2012 and 2013, with lots of shiny reviews.

After I finished the initial draft of Allegiance, back in 2012, I wrote what I call my coda story. Nocturnall takes place 35 years after the end of the trilogy, with a much older Ilse and Raul. My editor loved it, and suggested we include Nocturnall as an epilogue to Allegiance. I felt that would muddy the ending of the book. Better to publish the story later, as a stand-alone.

Well, later has arrived. This October, the paperback edition of Allegiance will be released. My plans are to self-publish Nocturnall as an e-single in December. This will be my celebration of the trilogy and my good-bye to Ilse and Raul. I want to make it a good one, so I want to give the story the professional treatment, including custom artwork. (Raul! On the cover with Ilse! At last!)

The professional treatment costs money, of course, so to raise funds, I will be running a Kickstarter campaign. There will be rewards, including thank-you tweets with cat pics of Octavia and Fig. There will be a limited edition print version of the story. And signed copies of the books. And more.

The estimated launch date for the campaign is March 12th. I'll post more details as they come up.
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I had only one publication this year, The Time Roads, which came out from Tor in October. It's an alternate history, set in a world where Ireland is the empire and England its colony. It's also a set of four braided tales. Three of them have been published elsewhere. (Asimov's, Postscripts, and PS Publishing, plus one made an appearance in a Year's Best anthology.) I've edited them for world building details and continuity. One novella ("The Time Roads") is new.
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RT Book Reviews has posted the list of nominees for their 2014 Reviewers Choice Awards! And The Time Roads is on the list for Best Fantasy Novel!

*does happy author dance*
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Today is my reading and signing in New London, CT. (Details here)

Happily, the book appears to be selling. Having it on the shelf in lots of bookstores helps, as do posts and reviews and giveaways from SF Signal, The Book Smugglers, Tynga's Reviews, Fantasy Review Barn, and lots of blogs.

I'm also recovering, slowly but steadily, from the bronchitis.

The one thing that has me feeling gloomy is time, lack thereof. Between the bronchitis and the absolute chaos at work, my progress on Current Novel has slowed to a crawl. I have ten chapters so far, with detailed notes for the next two. I need more time. I need less stress from the dayjob. I'm not sure I'll get either before next year. (But I do have plans to fix that situation.)

So, for now. Tiny forward steps.
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Date: Sunday, November 2nd
Time: 2PM - 3:30PM
Place: The Monte Cristo Bookshop

I'll be reading from my new book, The Time Roads, and answering questions about the book, publishing, and other such stuff. See the store's website (linked above) for more details and directions.

Need more details about the event? Here they are!
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And here is my final guest post on the Magical Words blog: The Revision Monster, wherein I talk about how I approach revision.

Many thanks to [ profile] davidbcoe for inviting me to share my thoughts about writing.

Tomorrow: Another giveaway!
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Interview and Giveaway on Tynga's Reviews is live now!

Head on over and read what I have to say about The Time Roads, the possibility of more River of Souls books, and my favorite part of the fall season. Bonus photo of the view from my back patio. And did I mention the giveaway for a free copy of The Time Roads?
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This week is a double-header for The Time Roads.

On Wednesday, as part of their Paranorm'All Hallovews Eve event, Tynga's Reviews will have an interview with me, plus a review, plus a giveaway. Yay!

On Friday, The Book Smugglers will review The Time Roads and hold a giveaway on their Kirkus blog.

Meanwhile, I need to get back to writing Current Novel....
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To quote from my acknowledgments page... "Twelve years ago I sat down to write a story about murder, mathematics, and time. One story soon turned into three, with the hope of someday writing the fourth and final chapter of this braided tale."

Today is the day! The Time Roads is out in the world. Fly, little book! Fly!

So what is The Time Roads about? It's an alternate history, set in the early 20th century, in a world where Éire (Ireland) is an empire, and England one of its dependencies. It's also a world where scientists are investigating a phenomenon called time fractures, which they hope to exploit to travel through time.

It's also not a novel, exactly. It's a book with four stand-alone novellas, which link together to tell the larger story of time and Éire's entry into the modern age. Three of those novellas have been published over the past seven years. A Flight of Numbers Fantastique Strange appeared in Asimov's (June, 2006). The Golden Octopus was published in Postscripts Magazine (September, 2008), and was later reprinted in The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2009. Ars Memoriae came out in hardcover from PS Publishing (December, 2009). The Time Roads is original to this book.

Someone asked me recently if I planned to write more stories in this world. Last year, my answer would have been a definite no. I'm done with these characters. I told the story I wanted to tell. √Čire has survived and entered the modern age. What else is left to say?

A few weeks ago, however, I caught a glimpse of a new character and the possibility of a new set of stories set several decades after The Time Roads. So now my answer is maybe. :)

Where to buy The Time Roads:
     Barnes & Noble
     Indie Bound
     Mysterious Galaxy
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My first guest post is up at Magical Words:

Writing Advice, the Meta Post

Wherein I give advice about writing advice. Stop by, read, and make a comment.
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...until The Time Roads comes out.

Between now and then, I have several deadlines at work, followed by a much-needed vacation. (London! Bath! Stuff!) I'll get back in time for Book Day, but other than a celebratory visit to a bookstore, I won't be doing much on the day itself.

That doesn't mean I'm doing nothing at all. I have four articles scheduled at the Magical Words blog, one each Thursday throughout October, and Tynga's Reviews will interview me for their Paranorm'All Hallows Eve.

And at some point, I will get back to writing that next book.


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