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This is my checklist of things I can do personally for books I love:

Buy them if I can. Sometimes I'll buy the e-book first because it's less expensive, and I'm not familiar with the author or the particular series. Sometimes I buy the e-book because I LOVE the author and I want the next book in the series NOW.) But then I discover I LOVE the book and I want a physical copy, so sometimes I buy the e-book first and the printed copy as well.

Buy them new if I can, but used if I can't. Books are expensive, and not all of them are available as e-books. Buying a used copy doesn't help the author directly, but I have bought one used copy, then realized I want the rest of the series.

Ask my library to order a copy. Not only does the author get royalties, and I get to read the book, but other readers might come across the copy and discover a new author. Besides, libraries are cool.

Tell my friends about the book. Because they might love the book too, but they might not know the book exists. Or they might not even know the author exists. And maybe they'll buy a copy, or check the book out from the library. And maybe they'll love the book as much as I do, and they'll tell other friends. Then more people will discover this amazing book.

Review the book on places like Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, and Bookish. The more reviews a book gets, the more often it shows up on "Recommended For You" lists. Reviews make the book visible to other people who might otherwise never hear about the book, or the author. And maybe they aren't interested in that book, but they see another book by the same author and think, Hmmmm, that sounds interesting.

I have to confess I've fallen off with writing reviews--partly because I've been immersed in deadlines or moving house for the past two years--but my new resolution is to write more reviews for books I love. My voice added to others can make a difference. So can yours. Let's help the books we love to succeed. Let's help the authors succeed, so they can write more books.
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Seen elsewhere, an Amazon book listing gives the PW review as "The action never stops."

What's funny is that the complete PW review is listed right above, and the full clause says "...the action never stops long enough to establish or ground the setting, leaving a confusing narrative of demons and usurpers that threatens to be the first of a series."

Of course, this authorpublisher isn't the only one to tweak reviews. Far from it. It's just the contrast was too funny to pass over without comment.
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"An exciting tale of magic, courage, friendship, and sacrifice, this novel reads like what might have happened if Philip Pullman’s Lyra and Pan had lived in Hong Kong rather than Oxford. Bernobich has created a multidimensional world, in which flux is an everyday necessity, and spirit companions (Kai’s is the articulate pig, Chen) can simultaneously annoy and assist their human counterparts. The spooky, mysterious cover art will draw in reluctant readers, and the rich story line will hold them."

In other news, we got our power back. Our move into the new house will be slightly delayed, since the owner was also without power until yesterday, but at least I will have light and heat for packing this weekend.
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Passion Play continues to get reviews here and there. Google alerts brought me this one today. Overall a good review, and their summary—"This story is more of a political fiction with a touch of romance on the side"—is pretty much what I intended when I sat down to write the book. Of course the reader and author don't always agree on what the book is about, even when the reader likes the book, but I'm extra pleased when it happens.

In other news, the new cover art for both Passion Play and Queen's Hunt are still in development. My editor said that she won't show me anything until they have the final version. I'm anxious to see what they come up with, but I have to agree that hearing *all* the details would probably make me even more anxious.


Mar. 30th, 2011 03:15 pm
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And very nice reviews, indeed!

One for A Handful of Pearls & Other Stories at Strange Horizons.

One, coming up soon, for Passion Play on SFSite.

And a second review, this one in Portuguese, for Passion Play.

It's too bad the collection is no longer in print, but I am making excellent progress with the eBook version. I installed InDesign today, imported the Word DOC file, and did some tweaking of the formatting. I also installed Adobe Illustrator and will be fiddling with a cover design over the next couple days. If all goes well, I should have the new edition ready before May. (And all the investigation I do for the collection will help with setting up "Pig, Crane, Fox" for release in September of October, as part of the launch for Fox and Phoenix.)
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Ilse Zhalina is just 15 when her wealthy father decides to marry her off to a powerful guild leader many
years older than she is. Unable to change her father’s mind, Ilse decides to run away. She finds passage
with a caravan, but is robbed and forced into prostitution by the cruel driver. When she finally makes her
escape, Ilse flees to the city of Tiralien where she’s taken in by Lord Raul Kosenmark, the wealthy owner
of a pleasure house. Raul sees that she’s nursed back to health, and eventually invites her to be the
assistant to his secretary. Once Ilse sees Raul’s correspondence, she realizes the pleasure house is a front
for Raul’s intelligence network of noblemen and -women. Raul and his cohorts fear a war is brewing
between two powerful kings and are determined to stop it. As Ilse is drawn further into the intrigue, she
finds herself falling for the enigmatic Raul, despite her fears that his affections belong to another.
Bernobich’s debut is a rich, compulsively readable fantasy.”—Booklist

I especially like the phrase "compulsively readable." *g*

One thing I've noticed so far...none of the reviews mention Raul's bisexuality, nor that he's a eunuch. I kinda wonder when, or if, that will ever get mentioned.


Jun. 29th, 2010 10:36 am
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Publishers Weekly reviewed my collection!

(Scroll down halfway to find the review for A Handful of Pearls & Other Stories)
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As promised, pictures of my ARCs for PASSION PLAY:

Read more... )

I can't even begin to describe how it feels to hold these in my hands. My words, transformed into a real book. It's a little bit scary and a lot exhilarating.

And now the extra fun part: I'm giving away two copies!

Here's how this will work. If you want a copy, email me at by midnight, May 5th. I'll pick two names using the random number generator at And no, there are no restrictions on location. If you happen to live in New Zealand *cough*horace_hamster*cough* or if you live the next town over from me, it doesn't matter. You are eligible to enter.

Just one catch. In return for receiving this spiffy ARC, the winners must post a review on or by July 1st. If you miss the deadline, there will be a public trial.

In summary: Everyone is eligible. To enter, email me by midnight, May 5th. Winners promise to post a review on or by July 1st.


Dec. 17th, 2009 07:01 pm
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Over at Sherwood's blog. We talk about steampunk and Adrian Dee.

(This actually went up yesterday, but I've been somewhat distracted by the dayjob.)
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The novella review tour for Ars Memoriae is doing quite well. So far, we have entries from [ profile] drachin8 (here) and [ profile] bogwitch64 (here). [ profile] drachin8's copy is already spoken for, but you can still snag a copy from [ profile] bogwitch64. Or you can watch [ profile] pauljessup's and [ profile] doc_lemming's blogs, because the tour will be visiting them next.

And as promised, here is my own photo contribution, with some "help" from Octavia:

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I mailed off copies of Ars Memoriae on Saturday and Monday. Today the first review and photo appeared. As you can see, her copy was snatched up right away, so if you want a chance to read ARS MEMORIAE, keep a close eye on [ profile] doc_lemming's, [ profile] bogwitch64's, and [ profile] pauljessup's blogs.

(See here for a description of the tour.)


Feb. 21st, 2008 08:12 am
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An enthusiastic review from a 13-year-old girl for Magic in the Mirrorstone. I especially like the note from the reviewer's mother, who suggested that the authors develop their stories into novels.

Which is what I'm doing. (Slowly. In between the contracted ones.)
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A review of my story "A Handful of Pearls", which appeared in Interzone 212.

It's not a comfortable story to read. Hell, it was a damned uncomfortable story to write. Here's the background. Back in 2005, I attended the Oregon Coast Short Story Workshop. At our first meeting, Kris and Gardner told us to write our deepest fear on a slip of paper, which we then handed in.

I wrote down "being silenced."

Then, with a gleam of mischief in their eyes, they told us to write a short story based on that fear.

I spent most of the next day pondering what kind of story would express my fear. Gardner and Kris had both emphasized that we should not latch onto the first idea we got. Nor should we ignore ideas that made us want to run screaming into the Pacific Ocean. "Pearls" was both--the first story I came up with and the one I least wanted to write. I've been silenced. I've been raped. It tapped into all the nightmares I'd rather not revisit.

So I wrote the story, wincing the whole time.

Kris disliked it. Gardner said he would most likely have bought it for Asimov's. He urged me to revise it, and to use his name on the cover letter. I did, and eventually the story sold.

I'm still uncomfortable about the subject matter, though I wrote it as truly as I could.

I'm glad Jason saw beyond the horror to what I was trying to do. That's all any writer can ask.
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Nice review for Sex in the System.

They didn't mention all the stories by name, alas, but they did recommend the entire book highly.


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