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I was so excited, I couldn't fall asleep until 3am.

I'm still speechless with hope.

Oh what a difference from the last two elections.

Am very sad about the stupid laws against gay marriages, but hopeful this too can change.
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...Rob voted before work and reported a very short wait. (Small town, super-organized setup, etc.) The Bethany Historical Society was running a bake sale, so he also scored an apple pie.

M and I made a lunch-time run. Our polling location is the town hall, next door to the elementary school. Both parking lots were stuffed, as well as the "unofficial" spots along the driveway. Poll workers were doing a great job directing traffic. We actually got a spot in the town hall lot and skimmed into our designated line.

Showed ID. The poll workers handed me a ticket and crossed off my name. M was pleased that they thought he might be eligible. Next time, I told them.

Off to the privacy booth. M offered commentary while I filled out the ballot. I missed the old-style lever machines—they make such a *satisfying* ca-chunk when you pull the lever. This election the state has moved over to scanned ballot. Easy and quick, but M and I agreed that we wanted audible feedback. Oh, say, like a firm ca-chunk noise.

Stickers to both of us. The 150-year-old man handing them out gave M some chaff about his Yankees T-shirt, which M took with good humor. We passed up the bake sale and headed home.

clicky fun

Oct. 16th, 2008 03:51 pm
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Gakked from a number of friends and forums:

Clicky Fun With President Palin!

(Note: Click the door more than once. Also, make sure you click on the deer.)
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Joe Biden does the job:

(video gakked from Making Light, "joementum" stolen from the comments)
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I was going to post about the latest attempt by BushCo to erode (erase?) a woman's right to choose, but [ profile] tammy212 did it faster and better. Check out her post for the details and links to articles and petitions.
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(Via Electrolite's comment section.)

From Mathew Gross's blog, this article by Mel Gilles draws a interesting parallel between the recent election and domestic abuse.
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A word for these times, written as an LJ meme. Go read.

Via [ profile] pegkerr.
beth_bernobich: red mushroom (three stars) describe how I feel this morning. The votes are not yet totaled, but I'm not optimistic. And I am deeply ashamed that so many Americans voted for this mentally and morally deficient man.

[ profile] sartorias is right, however. We must not give up. Count all the votes. Challenge any fraud, if there is any. And even if the votes do give Bush the presidency, we must continue with peaceful, reasoned, and persistent activism.

We must take back our country.
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It's always important. This year, it's more important than ever.


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