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...big projects. Now that I've survived the maelstrom that was my October schedule, I need to slow down, catch up on some long neglected tasks around the house, tie up a few loose ends with the Kickstarter, and give myself a chance to breathe.

This is not to say I am not writing. In fact, I will probably do more writing this month than last. First off is Current Novel, which I need to revise with the lessons I learned in the Writing the Other class. After that, I really do need to settle down and finish revising my pirate novel.

But then, oh then, I want to write something entirely new.
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...but the end of several projects.

The Ghost Dragon's Daughter was released last week. E-book only for now, and for now, only on Amazon because I've submitted the story to Amazon's Kindles Singles program as an experiment. If that doesn't work out, I'll publish to all the rest of the usual places. I might even release a print edition, but that comes much, much later.

Speaking of print, I mailed out the print copies of Nocturnall to my Kickstarter supporters today (Monday). The ebook itself went out to them last weekend. I still have three critiques to deliver, but the really hard part is done and over.

I also completed the Writing the Other class this weekend. Amazing lectures, useful and thought-provoking homework, lots of links and reading material. I highly recommend it. (Even if the timed in-class writing exercises made me cry.)

So now what?

First of all, there's the follow-up workshop for Writing the Other. We get several weeks to apply what we've learned to a story or several novel chapters, then our teachers and classmates critique what we've done. The results of that will likely occupy me the rest of the year, if not longer.

After that, who knows?
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...and off to my agent.

Just in time for me to dive back into Nocturnall. The artist and I are now exchanging emails about the concept sketches she sent me. (I LOVE them.)

I am also poking at my geek girl story. Plans are to make another editing pass before I send it out again. This will scratch my writing itch while still being low-key. Just what I need after the intensity of Not!Sherlock.

Oh, and I am now back to full-time work as well. More details about that later.
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Nocturnall Kickstarter: E-book gift codes all sent. Thank-you tweets all sent. Spreadsheet updated. I've been researching printers for the limited print run, and so far the front runners are Lightning Source and Createspace. LS has a reputation for somewhat higher quality, but Createspace is somewhat less expensive and appreciably easier to work with, according to all my sources.

Edge of the Empire: On the back burner for now. See next item.

Not!Sherlock: I need to make another editing pass to address two minor issues and one medium-sized issue that my agent pointed out. I had hoped to finish this pass by today, but a few other obligations popped up last week. Once the edits are in place, I want to read through the whole thing one more time to make sure they work with the rest of the story.

And at home, my flowerbeds need some attention—we're still rehabilitating them from their years of neglect before we bought the house—but like the pirate novel, they are on the backburner until Not!Sherlock goes out on submission. Once that happens, I shall descend upon the local garden center with visions of annuals and perennials dancing in my head.
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It's been a busy, productive week.

I've started to send out rewards for my Nocturnall Kickstarter—gift codes for the trilogy e-books, the signed hardcovers, and lots and lots of thank-you tweets. I've also set up a giant spreadsheet to keep track of expenses and rewards and such.

I also had a long talk with my agent, who had just finished reading Not!Sherlock that morning. She is even more excited about the book than I am, if that's possible. She did have a couple suggestions, which I agreed with, mostly minor things, so while she researches submission strategy, I will make these tweaks to the manuscript. Our goal is to get the book out on submission by early June.

There are also a few interesting developments in the works, outside the world of writing, which I'll share once they get further along.

It's done!

Apr. 20th, 2015 08:30 am
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My Nocturnall Kickstarter ended at 11:58 Saturday night. I already posted when it reached funding, but now that it's over, I thought I would share some statistics.

Read more... )

And now I get to plan my next steps. Copyedits. Cover art and illustrations. More updates as they happen.
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The current amount is $2019. Which means I can pay for cover art. Cover art that shows Ilse and Raul as they are meant to be. Also, I can pay for copyedits. And the limited print edition. And all the rest.

I still have one more day to go. If we do manage to reach the stretch goal, that means three interior illustrations. If I don't reach that goal, I will still recalculate what else I can provide my supporters.

Because this is all about you. And how awesome you are.


Apr. 16th, 2015 09:57 am
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...and less than $200 to goal. I'm already talking to my designer about cover design and typefaces and such.


Apr. 15th, 2015 08:30 am
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...or just under $300 to goal. You guys are AWESOME!

If things get wild, we might even reach the stretch goal for interior illustrations.


Apr. 14th, 2015 10:49 am
beth_bernobich: red mushroom (spouting whale) the latest for my Nocturnall Kickstarter. Just over $500 to go for the project to be funded. The goal is now in sight. THANK YOU, everyone!
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...for my Kickstarter campaign. Nocturnall is now 57% 59% funded, and the campaign ends April 18th. That's this Saturday, folks. Will I make it? Kickstarter lore says there is often a rush at the end, so I still have a good chance.

But here's the thing. Kickstarter is all or nothing. If pledges don't reach $2000 by Saturday night, the project does not get funded.

So I need your help. If you were already thinking about contributing to my campaign, please do it now. $5 gets you an e-copy of Nocturnall. $20 gets you both the e-copy and a signed, limited print edition of the story. Even $1 makes a difference.

If you can't afford to contribute, you can help me by spreading the word to your friends and family. Do you know someone who loves the River of Souls books? Let them know about my coda to the trilogy. If they love epic fantasy, but haven't read the books? There are reward levels that include the trilogy as e-books or paperbacks.

All the details about the campaign, the rewards, and the story are here:

And last, but most important, a big THANK-YOU to everyone. Your support has been amazing.

ETA: And thank you for the new pledges this morning!
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...on Tynga's Reviews about short stories connected to novels. (Also known as the post where I squee about short stories by Stephanie Burgis, Martha Wells, and Ellen Kushner.)
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I'm in-between these days. In-between drafts of Current Novel. In-between with my Kickstarter, which has twelve more days to run. In-between the start and end of my part-time adventure.

With Current Novel, I've finished reading the draft, and while I wait for reader feedback, I can take care of revising the synopsis and creating a brief summary of the sequel(s). I *think* this one is a three-book set, but unlike River of Souls, I want these books to stand alone, even while they include plots arcs that extend over the books.

The Kickstarter pledges continue to arrive in fits and spurts, which is typical for this point in a campaign. However, I have more blog posts planned and extras to research, which should help to get the word out.

And the part-time adventure has proved a smashing success. Not only did I finish a draft of Current Novel, I've had time for other activities. I've had the space to breathe. And I still have three more months to go!
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The snow is gradually melting. One flowerbed is clear, and the rest are showing patches of mulch. Though I wasn't expecting anything, I did a brief inspection yesterday and was delighted to see a few sprouts from all those bulbs I planted last fall.

I finally succumbed to the lure of Current Novel, and am doing a slow and careful re-read of the latest draft. That way I'll be ready by the time my kind and generous readers send me their feedback. Still stupidly in love with these characters.

And in Kickstarter news: I've added the option to get extra copies of the print edition—just add $10/copy to your pledge level. See here for details:
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Today I have a blog post about Epic Romance over on Stephanie Burgis's blog, wherein I talk about epic love stories in fantasy.

Last week, Paul Weimar interviewed me about my River of Souls trilogy and my Kickstarter over on SF Signal.

Speaking of which, I am pleased to report the project is now 45% funded. But! While I am optimistic I can reach my goal, I still have a ways to go. (And with Kickstarter, if I don't reach goal by April 18th, I don't get any of the funds.) So if you have a chance, please let your friends know about the project. Details about the story, the series, and the rewards are here.

Meanwhile, here is the opening to Nocturnall...

When Ilse Zhalina was a young girl, living with her merchant family in the port city of Melnek, she told herself stories about her future. About the books she would read, and the city where she would live. About what her marriage would be like. Could be like. She confined herself to the possible, of course. Several dozen books, not the several hundred of her unruly imagination. A modest house, with a practical garden she would tend herself. As for marriage...

There her speculation had retreated from specifics, but one thing she had vowed. Her life would be nothing like her parents'.

That much I had right.

Ilse selected a sword from the weapons rack. Early morning sunlight filtered between the palace towers, catching the whirl of dust motes in the air, and the stone tiles were warm against her bare feet. Across the drill yard, Raul Kosenmark had begun a practice pattern. When Ilse took her place in the opposite corner, he grinned at her and lunged forward, sword extended. His knees cracked. A grunt escaped him. Ilse suppressed a smile of sympathy.

Ah, my love. You and I are no longer as young as we once were.

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Our big exciting news over the weekend is that we can finally see patches of grass around our house. Our not-so-exciting news is that we still have far too much snow and our nights are still frigid. The cats are not pleased, and neither am I.


I am pleased to report that my Kickstarter for Nocturnall is already 34% funded. (*fingers crossed oh so tightly*) If pledges continue at this rate, I'll post a second stretch goal. Maybe a map? Or interior illustrations? Tell me what you would like to see.

And today my guest blog post about quiet moments in epic fantasy goes live on Fantasy Book Cafe. Head on over and read what I have to say about epic fantasy, the 1812 Overture, and why we need those quiet measure in between the explosions.

Meanwhile, I have printed out a copy of Current Novel. The draft sits on my desk and taunts me to start edits. Not yet, little draft. Not yet...
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Yes! The campaign is launched!

So what is Nocturnall, and why am I running a Kickstarter?

Here's a link to the campaign page, with all the details.

Shorter version: The third book in my River of Souls trilogy is coming out in paperback this October, and I'm celebrating with a story that is my coda to the series. Nocturnall takes place thirty-five years after the end of Allegiance, with a much older Ilse and Raul. Pledges from this campaign will pay for custom cover art**, copyediting, a limited print edition, and e-book production.

Shorter version: Did I mention we finally get Ilse and Raul both on the cover?

Even if you don't plan to pledge to this project, I would be grateful if you could spread the word. Everything helps ***.

And guys? Thank you for reading here and for all your support over the years.

  * Wherein I successfully avoid the camera.
 ** Ilse and Raul together on the cover, at last.
*** It really does.
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Novel is out to readers.

Kickstarter starts tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile I need to write a few guest blog posts. Next Monday I'll be a guest on Fantasy Book Cafe, talking about quiet moments in epic fantasy. The week after that, it's on to Stephanie Burgis's blog for a post about epic romance. And the date isn't certain yet, but I will have a third post on Tynga's Reviews about stories, extras, and outtakes.


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