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Have any questions about my books? Want to find out more about a particular character: where they came from, what's in store for them? Any mysteries you'd like me to clear up? Or is there something about writing or publishing you are curious about? Ask me anything. I'll be happy to answer.


Apr. 22nd, 2012 06:50 pm
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"The Ghost Dragon's Daughter," complete at 10,700** words. This is my story set in the same world as Fox & Phoenix, but with a completely different set of characters. Copies have been sent off to critiquers.

** 700 words too long, but hopefully I can trim a few in the next round of revisions.

dear fred

Dec. 23rd, 2011 04:04 pm
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thank you for the short story idea. ghost dragons! a lesbian protag! asexual characters! no bad guys, only those whose needs and aims are different. which doesn't mean the protag is having a grand old time. anyway, i have written down notes for later, after i finish allegiance, so that i might give the story proper attention.

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"An exciting tale of magic, courage, friendship, and sacrifice, this novel reads like what might have happened if Philip Pullman’s Lyra and Pan had lived in Hong Kong rather than Oxford. Bernobich has created a multidimensional world, in which flux is an everyday necessity, and spirit companions (Kai’s is the articulate pig, Chen) can simultaneously annoy and assist their human counterparts. The spooky, mysterious cover art will draw in reluctant readers, and the rich story line will hold them."

In other news, we got our power back. Our move into the new house will be slightly delayed, since the owner was also without power until yesterday, but at least I will have light and heat for packing this weekend.
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...about Fox & Phoenix, brought to us by the wonderful [ profile] tltrent.

*sings happy author songs*
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An article by [ profile] sartorias about the changing face of YA, plus an interview with me, kicks off the conversation over here on Bookview Café.

Come on over and join the discussion!
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The winner of my latest low-key promo contest is the eagle-eyed [ profile] temporus.

*tosses confetti*

*releases the balloons*

*sends in the dancing griffins*

My author copies arrived yesterday—just in time—so I will be sending out a signed copy ASAP. Thank you all for participating!

Book Day!

Oct. 13th, 2011 09:03 am
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Today is the Official Release Day for Fox & Phoenix in hardcover and e-book. In celebration of the day, I have a festival of links for you:

At The Book Smugglers, you can read my post about Inspirations & Influences. There's also a splendid review.

And at IceyBooks, Hafsah's thirteen-year-old brother thinks my book is awesome.

And Megan Hammer, who won an ARC a couple weeks ago, has has this to say about Kai and Yún's adventure.

ETA: I was going to announce the winner of the latest low-key promo contest as well, but I want to give everyone one more day to post their entry.
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It's launch week for Fox & Phoenix!

Tomorrow, the audiobook will be available. Two days after that (Thursday), the hardcover and e-book come out. (Links go to the publishers website, but you can find the books at all the usual suspects.)

Anyway, we have time for one last low-key promo event, and this one comes from the creativity of [ profile] dormouse_in_tea.

Pretend you live in Kai's world. Like everyone else, you would have an animal spirit companion, a magical creature that lives in the spirit plane for the most part, but who can materialize in the human world when necessary. (Or when it just feels like it.)

The contest: post a comment here that tells us what kind of animal spirit companion you'd have, and why.

The prize: A signed hardcover of Fox & Phoenix. (Mailed out just as soon as I get my author copies.)

The winner will be chosen by our trusty friend, who wishes it could have a spirit companion too.

For ideas, check out the free short story Pig, Crane, Fox.
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...except I can't really catch up here until the weekend. This week has been one of much activity, mostly involving the Big Move. That will take place in mid-November, but between now and then, we have to buy a new house and pack everything for the move.

In the middle of all this, I have a book coming out. Thank you, everyone, for participating in my low-key promo series. Next week is launch week--for both the audio and the print editions--and there will be reviews, interviews, and a guest blog post or two. However, I need one more event for Monday, and I've plain run out of ideas. I could run another giveaway, this time with the hardcover version. But I'd like to do something a bit more than, "Hey, post a comment and I'll give one of you a book."

So any ideas that are fun, but low-key, would be welcome.
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This week, we have an interview....

Me:  Thank you for joining me for the next part of my low-key promo series. Today, I'm going to interview my main character, Kai Zōu. As you might know from the jacket copy, Kai lives in the mountain kingdom of Lóng City, which is part of the Seventy Kingdoms. It's beautiful here in late summer. Even though the upper peaks are still covered in snow, the weather is warm and sunny. I'm standing in the West Moon Wind District, outside the tutoring shop where Kai lives and works. I can smell a sharp hint of curry in the air. From not far away comes the warble of chickens, the bleating of goats, not to mention the hum of electric cars. I'll just ring the doorbell…

Read more... )
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The lovely and talented [ profile] jimhines has posted his review of Fox & Phoenix. Yay!

The Kirkus review is now available.

And VOYA's review recently showed up on the Amazon and B&N pages for Fox & Phoenix. To quote the best part:

The characters and creatures in this book are interesting and believable; the plot is a compelling mixture of adventure, mystery, and fantasy. The most remarkable element, however, is the world Beth Bernobich has created. The land is entirely fictional, but is built on a Chinese foundation; the author goes so far as to incorporate a few Chinese words into the action sequences. There is use of both traditional folk magic and futuristic high-tech magic gear. This book will delight male and female middle school fantasy readers.
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The lovely and talented [ profile] shveta_thakrar has interviewed me this week about Fox & Phoenix, memories of Germany, and my favorite recipe, among other things:


Sep. 23rd, 2011 12:07 pm
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I am pleased to announce the winners for this week's Low-Key Promo Event.

*pause for wild cheering*

[ profile] melissajm and [ profile] claire_griffon have both won a signed ARC of Fox & Phoenix. All I need now is your mailing address, and I can ship the books out next week.
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By now, y'all have had a chance to read a free short story, and the first chapter, and listen to an audio clip.

What else could I do for promotion?

How about a free ARC of the novel? No, wait. Make that two ARCs! (Signed, of course.)

Here's what you need to do. Leave a comment to this post saying why you want an ARC. Did you like the short story? Then say so. Or was there something in the first chapter that makes you want to read the rest? Tell me what that was. Or maybe you saw a review, or read the jacket copy—whatever it was, tell us about it. On Friday, I'll pick two winners using the ever-trusty
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We came home to find a package waiting on our doorstep. A slim package with a return address of Penguin Books. And yes! It was a hardcover copy of Fox & Phoenix! Yay! It's so pretty! Yay!

*bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce*
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Four weeks, plus a handful of days, until Fox & Phoenix is released**. This week's entry in my series of Low-Key Promo Posts is a pair of excerpts. A pair? you ask.

Sure. Because there will be two editions of the book released.

For print lovers, you can read Chapter One on my website.

For those who might like to close their eyes and imagine Kai telling you his story, here is a clip from the audio book, as read by Michael Sun Lee.

** Can you tell I'm excited? Can you tell I'm marking down the days? *g*

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Today I bring you the first of my Patented Low-Key Promo Bits for Fox & Phoenix....

In case you didn't know, I first wrote about Kai and his friends in a short story called "Pig, Crane, Fox: Three Hearts Unfolding," which appeared in the anthology Magic in the Mirrorstone. It was a fun story to write, and when several readers commented they wanted more about this world and these characters, I realized I had more to give them.

Alas, the anthology is now out of print, but for those who are curious about Kai's first adventure, I have released "Pig, Crane, Fox" as an e-book. It's now available for free from Smashwords (all kinds of formats), and for 99 cents** on Barnes & Noble, Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Amazon DE.

** I tried to make the book available for free on these sites, but Amazon and B&N won't permit that. I'm betting, however, that once Amazon sees the Smashwords price, it will lower its price too.
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My to-do list for this weekend includes:

  • Reviewing Locus's interview with me, and adding some new material at their request

  • Start reviewing the first pass galley pages for Queen's Hunt

  • Finish the final tweaks for the e-book version of "Pig, Crane, Fox" and making that available through all the usual channels

  • Update my website with the audio clips for FOX & PHOENIX

  • Figure out what kind of low-key promotion I can do for FOX & PHOENIX's launch**

  • Doing all kinds of laundry and other house-related chores

  • Pet the cats

So far, I've managed to work on the last item. *g*

** Suggestions for this are welcome. My list includes an ARC giveaway and the release of Pig, Crane, Fox, but I need one or two more low-key ideas.
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This is the guy who is narrating my book for the Randomhouse audio version. (Kai can only wish he looked this cool.)


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