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It was great fun while it lasted, and I loved seeing all the photos and hearing what everyone thought of the story. But alas, it's time to call an end, especially as the books wander farther and farther away from home. One copy, in fact, went astray in the mail. Another is with a reader...somewhere. (I can't find her blog.) The third one came back to me at my request.


I am giving away three copies on Goodreads. The giveaway ends at midnight, May 15th. Unlike the review tour, these copies are yours to keep. So far, 627 people have signed up. Wow!

ETA: My missing reader let me know that she's posted her review here. A lovely end to a fun tour. Thank you!
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Two new reviews from the past month:

Alex Fleetwood really liked it. I'm especially pleased that the Balkan politics held together for him.

[ profile] slobbit calls it a good read.

Their copies are already out to the next volunteers: [ profile] bonniers and Mel. I'll post links to their reviews once they show up.

If you're interested in participating in the review tour, it's easy. Just be the first to post a comment to either of these upcoming reviews, saying you want to be next. Remember the rules: you agree to post a review and a photo of the book in the wild. (A real photo, not just a jpeg of the cover art.) Then you mail the book to the first person who volunteers to do the same. If you don't get any volunteers, mail the book back to me.
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After a brief lull for the holidays, we have new reviews from [ profile] doc_lemming (here) and [ profile] fairyhedgehog (here).

Their copies have been snapped up already, but you still have a chance. Check out these blogs for upcoming reviews: [ profile] slobbit, Stacy, and R. Schuyler Devin.

Same rules still apply. Read the book. Post a review and a photo of the book in the wild. Then send the book on to the first person who promises to do the same.
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I meant to post this update last week, but the new dayjob has taken over my brain. For those reading along, I announced a review tour for my novella, Ars Memoriae, which came out from PS Publishing this month.

So far, we have reviews from drachin8, bogwitch64, Polenth, Paul Jessup, and zweipunktnull.

New reviews should soon appear from [ profile] doc_lemming and fairyhedgehog. If you'd like to participate, Paul Jessup still has a copy to give away. All you have to do is read the novella, post a review and a photo of the book**, then send the book on to the first person who posts and promises to do the same.

**This is one of the details that sometimes gets lost. Just to be clear, I'd really, really like reviewers to post a photo of the physical book in the wild, not a jpeg of the cover. Thnx.


Dec. 17th, 2009 07:01 pm
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Over at Sherwood's blog. We talk about steampunk and Adrian Dee.

(This actually went up yesterday, but I've been somewhat distracted by the dayjob.)
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Note: There are two editions of the novella—hardcover and jacketed hardcover—but I can't tell which Amazon entry refers to which edition. Hopefully that will be clear once the book is listed as officially available.

(ETA: As [ profile] mastadge points out, the two entries do have different ISBNs, at least.)

Meanwhile, the novella review tour continues with upcoming reviews from [ profile] polenth, [ profile] doc_lemming, and [ profile] pauljessup. [ profile] zweipunktnull has joined in the fun with a review and photo of his own copy here.
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The novella review tour for Ars Memoriae is doing quite well. So far, we have entries from [ profile] drachin8 (here) and [ profile] bogwitch64 (here). [ profile] drachin8's copy is already spoken for, but you can still snag a copy from [ profile] bogwitch64. Or you can watch [ profile] pauljessup's and [ profile] doc_lemming's blogs, because the tour will be visiting them next.

And as promised, here is my own photo contribution, with some "help" from Octavia:

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I mailed off copies of Ars Memoriae on Saturday and Monday. Today the first review and photo appeared. As you can see, her copy was snatched up right away, so if you want a chance to read ARS MEMORIAE, keep a close eye on [ profile] doc_lemming's, [ profile] bogwitch64's, and [ profile] pauljessup's blogs.

(See here for a description of the tour.)
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A lovely box of contributors copies for Ars Memoriae arrived today. It occurs to me that I should do some promotion.

My best gimmick would be lending out Octavia the kitten. She's fluffy, pretty, and full of vinegar personality. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I'd get her back.

So, here's what I propose:

I'll send out hardcover copies to the first three people who respond to this entry. If you're one of the first three, I'll contact you and get your mailing address. In turn, you guys promise to post a review and photo of the novella in your journals.

Then you send out your copy to the very next person who responds to your journal entry. And so on. You get to read the novella, and the novella makes a grand tour.

ETA: All three copies are spoken for. I will ship the books out today and post links to the pictures and reviews as they show up. Remember that these are traveling copies, so if you missed getting one from me, you can haunt [ profile] doc_lemming's, [ profile] drachin8's, and [ profile] bogwitch64's journals and snag the copy for the next round.
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According to the latest newsletter from PS Publishing, they are busy sending out recent releases, including Ars Memoriae. Hopefully, those who bought a copy should receive one fairly soon.

ETA: A former co-worker reports that he received his copy yesterday.
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I visited the PS Publishing website and discovered that Ars Memoriae is now listed in the Current Catalog.

*does a happy publication dance*
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...of Ars Memoriae. (Note: link takes you directly to the PDF download.)

*dances the happy author dance*


Sep. 8th, 2009 03:05 pm
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I just received new sample pages for Ars Memoriae. They took out the extra page breaks, and inserted small elegant graphics between the sections. (Mind, the old graphics were elegant, too, but so large they overwhelmed the text.)

Everything flows now. Am much happier.
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...for Ars Memoriae are on their way to England. I guess the book will be available Real Soon Now. Well, "soon" in publishing terms.

A co-worker tells me he's pre-ordered a copy. (The expensive version!) I hope he likes it.
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When I arrived home yesterday, I stopped by the mailbox. And there, tucked between the wooden slat exterior and the metal box itself was a toad.

Oh what a handsome toad he was. Pale green. Small and elegant, with jewel-bright eyes.

He blinked at me and eased back a few microns into his lair. I apologized for intruding (he blinked again, as if to say, No trouble, my dear) and fetched the mail carefully so as not to disturb him any more.

A great big pile of mail it was, too, with several bulky packages stuffed into the mailbox. Including a very friendly package from PS Publishing with signing sheets for my novella.
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An excerpt from Kage Baker's intro:

A fascinating combination of alternate history and gritty spy tale, Ars Memoriae will compel you to follow its hero through the twists and turns of its complex plot and leave you hoping to see more of its world. Ms. Bernobich has intuitively picked up on one of the most entertaining elements in alternate history: giving you enough throwaway clues to keep you speculating on where exactly this alternate world branched away from our own. Is Adrian Dee a descendant of the Elizabethan scholar and mystic John Dee, for example? And the red haired queen, Áine Lasairíona Devereaux—is she a descendant of Robert Devereaux, Earl of Essex? Ill-fated in the world we know, did his rebellion succeed in some other timeline, supplanting the Tudor/ Stuart monarchy for a dynasty based in Ireland? This is only guesswork, of course; for other hints, read Ms. Bernobich’s further fine balloon-flights into her elegant universe.

Jacket copy from the lovely and talented Nick Gevers:

In this richly woven, highly dramatic, and in the end warmly romantic novella, Beth Bernobich paints an alternate Earth of Ruritanian atmosphere and suspenseful high danger. Here, Ireland, called Éireann, is the seat of a powerful empire, having resisted English rule and its infinite tragedies; here, Europe is split into many contending states, always intriguing, always fencing; here, savants are investigating methods of altering the current of Time, threatening the fabric of history itself. As reality quivers at its roots, as a deadly conspiracy seeks to plunge the continent into war, Éireann’s best agent is dispatched to the Balkans, to probe a network of treachery and murder that could evolve into something far worse.

For those playing along, this is a follow-up story to my Asimov's and Postscripts novelettes, "A Flight of Numbers Fantastique Strange" and "The Golden Octopus." Fred-the-Plot-Guy has kindly shared with me the information that there will be one more story to the Éireann series.
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More emails about ARS MEMORIAE from the lovely PS Publishing folks. Yesterday, Nick sent me the proposed jacket copy** to review. It's luscious. He also asked for my current bio, and this morning brought an email asking for an author photo for the back jacket flap. It's getting closer, folks. (*dances about*)

** Odd, but Nick didn't even mention the scene where Adrian Dee gets barefoot and shirtless. I would think this is a major selling point, no?


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