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On April 23rd, I'll be reading from A Study in Honor, as one of the Lammy Awards finalists. Details here:
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I totally forgot to post this news—

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It's I've moved most of the content (that I'm keeping) from the old site, and in the next few days I'll set up a redirect so outside links don't break.
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Last year was filled with amazing. A Study in Honor got all kinds of buzz. I signed with a new agent, who went out and sold my pirate novel plus a sequel. I finished the sequel to ASiH, now titled The Hound of Justice, which I might love even more than the first book. And by finished, I mean written, edited, copyedited, and proofread. Lots of work, but oh so satisfying.

2018 was also the year my husband and I to Japan for vacation. Japan...So many kind people, so much good food, so much history. We loved it so much, we're going back this year. This was also the year I went on a solo vacation to Heidelberg, where I'd been an exchange student many decades ago. This was a low-key visit—I wandered about the Altstadt, checking out what had changed and what had not, eating all my favorite German food, sitting in the sun at the Marktplatz, drinking good coffee and watching kids play.

So what about my goals for 2019? I have two Must Dos and one Want To Do:

  • Finish edits for A Jewel Bright Sea (pirate#1)

  • Write a complete draft for Morennioù (pirate#2)

  • Write a synopsis and sample chapters for a possible third book in The Janet Watson Chronicles

And in between, there will be the usual copyedits, and the usual promo for all three books. Because, yes, that's right, I will have three new books out this year!
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Copyedits handed off. Editorial letter not yet here.

Which means I can indulge myself in the joys of yardwork and house chores. Yesterday we cleaned up the last of the leaves from the yard and around the house and dumped them at the curb for pickup. (Hopefully before any wind blows them back.) Today is for sorting a metric ton of mail.

I've also indulged in plot noodling for pirate#2 and notsherlock#3. The pirate sequel gets top priority because it's under contract, but every once in a while, I doodle ideas for Janet and Sara's next adventure.
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...update, that is.

  • Copyedits for THE HOUND OF JUSTICE landed in my inbox last week. God bless my copyeditor, who is awesome. I'll be turning the CE ms. back in by next Wednesday, which is good because...

  • The editorial letter for A JEWEL-BRIGHT SEA will show up sometime next week

  • And because I had some spare time, I made a quick trip to Heidelberg, Germany, where I had spent a year as an exchange student, many, many years ago

  • Last but not least, this also showed up in my inbox:

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So much has happened in the past two months! In no particular order...

* So many fun interviews for A Study in Honor, including a live 1AM radio appearance on Jim Freund's The Hour of the Wolf

* Second round of edits for The Hound of Justice (aka, Not!Sherlock2) turned in and officially accepted

* The pirate novel and a sequel sold to Rebel Base Books, with a tentative release date of Fall 2019

* We spent absolutely marvelous ten days in Japan, and we want to go back next year.

AMA Today!

Aug. 2nd, 2018 10:53 am
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I have an AMA over on Reddit/r/fantasy today. Come on over and ask me about my books, about my cats. Ask Me Anything!
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Oh dear. I forgot my indoor voice, didn't I?

But... I am SO excited!!! A Study in Honor is officially here!!!

It's been a long road to this moment. I started writing about Dr. Janet Watson and covert agent Sara Holmes four years ago. An experiment, I told myself. Three chapters later, I knew I couldn't stop until I finished Janet's story. She's stubborn, smart, loyal, brave, and did I mention stubborn? This is a woman who has lost everything in the USA's New Civil War--her career, her parents, her beloved Angela--but she refuses to give up. I am so happy to share her with you all.

A Study in Honor

A Study in Honor is available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook. You can read an excerpt here.
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...until A Study in Honor comes out. Not that I'm keeping track or anything. :)


Jul. 19th, 2018 07:45 am
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...of my pirate novel and a sequel to Rebel Base Books!

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Almost a month since I last posted! Even with the new part-time schedule, my brain has been consumed by the current novel, but now I can report that I emailed the completed draft of THE HOUND OF JUSTICE to my editor. This gives me a couple weeks to catch up on house chores, not to mention working on promo for A STUDY IN HONOR. (Which comes out on the 31st! Eeep!)

Meanwhile, have a pony pic from our visit to Assateague Island last month:

Read more... )
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Miscellaneous stuff...

* Book Con was awesome
* I finally have an end-to-end draft of HOUND OF JUSTICE
* STUDY IN HONOR comes out in less than 8 weeks
* Ideas for a third book are percolating up
* My new part-time hours are making all the difference in the world
* Did I mention we're going to Japan in October?
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Which is my only excuse for not posting in so long. (Though I suppose that's better than no awesome.)

Quite a few *very* nice reviews for A Study in Honor have popped up in the past couple weeks, including ones from Publisher's Weekly , Locus, The John Watson Society, and Nicola Griffith (who also gave me a lovely blurb).

I'm also hard at work on the sequel, The Hound of Justice. My very wonderful, and very patient, editor, Amber Oliver, has sent me her notes on the first seventeen chapters, and I have about four or five more to go, which I absolutely must turn in by June.

Speaking of work, I finally got my act together about the dayjob, which I love dearly, but which manages to suck up all my energy and time. So...starting next Friday, I am switching to part-time status. That will give me mornings to write, and afternoons with the dayjob. And I still get full benefits. The only trick will be leaving on time, and not suddenly realizing it's 8pm and I haven't had dinner yet. *g*
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First official review for A Study in Honor, and it is so very shiny.

I'm taking the next two weeks off from the dayjob to concentrate on The Hound of Justice. While I still have a few chapters left to write, I wanted to make a first pass through the draft so far before I dive into the final sequence.
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In no particular order...

  • Tentative title for Not!Sherlock2 is The Hound of Justice.

  • Speaking of which, I've just passed 65K, and I'm on track to have a complete draft by the end of February

  • All kinds of buzz is happening for A Study in Honor

  • The pirate novel is officially out on submission!

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I have a new agent, the awesome Lane Heymont at the Tobias Literary Agency. I am very excited about joining Team Tobias. Lane is organized, professional, and works hard for his clients.

ARCs for A Study in Honor arrived this month. *pets the shiny ARCs* If you are interested in reviewing the book, let me know, and I'll pass that information along to my publicist.

I will be attending Bookcon in June, where I'm on the panel "Stanning Up: Channeling Fandom into Original Fiction." There is also the possibility that I will be signing ARCs.

As for Not!Sherlock2, the tentative title is now The Hound of Justice. I just passed the 53K mark, and have made arrangements with my boss for a shifted work schedule, so I can write in the morning, then work late to make up the time.
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As the subject line says, stuff. All kinds of good stuff.

Many epiphanies with therapy. Yes, it's painful, but there have also been some moments of pure amazement and joy. I am finding pieces of myself that I had locked away, because the memories were too painful.

Query letters for my pirate novel sent out to bunches of agents. Four full requests so far, plus a few "we've passed this up to the senior agent" responses.

Copyedits for Not!Sherlock done and handed back to my editor.

Two chapters/12K words completed for Not!Sherlock2. I used to have titles for both books, but marketing thinks we need something that is less genre-specific. I am down with that. Once I hear back about titles, I will let you all know.
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Two+ months into therapy and proper medication, and I feel...whole. Hopeful. A number of positive emotions that I never realized I was missing before.

I've also parted ways with my agent. While there were several reasons, they all came down to 'not a good fit.' I think the therapy helped me realize that it's okay to say no, this isn't working. And no, it's not me being weird. Luckily, I have a new ms ready to query. I just need to make a list of agents and polish up the query itself.

Meanwhile, copyedits for Other than Honorable should land in my inbox in two or three weeks, and I'm making splendid progress on the second book.


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