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I'm in my office writing ALLEGIANCE, which is all about how the end of one story carries the seeds for the next. Just so the old year dies, and dying, makes possible the new.

So. Last year.

Last year was not a bad year. It had its share of stress and tedium and frustration. (The mountains of snowfall last winter. The three months of hellish commute. Selling house. Moving house. One hurricane, and one freakish snow storm, both with many days of power outage.) It also had some lovely shiny moments. (M's high school graduation. M in college. Passion Play winning the RT Reviewer's Choice Award for Best Epic Fantasy.)

Things accomplished? Not nearly as much as I wanted.

Fox & Phoenix went through copyedits, galley proofs, and is now a Real Book.

A Handful of Pearls & Other Stories re-released in e-book form by me. I'm pleased with the cover design, and I learned a lot about making e-books.

Pig, Crane, Fox, the short story that comes before Fox & Phoenix, also re-released in e-form.

But what about new short stories? you ask. What about writing novels?

That's the problem. I wrote no new short stories in 2011. I did make progress on ALLEGIANCE, but not nearly as much as I wanted. (See above about hellish commute and moving house.) I also wrote notes for two new novels: a sequel to FOX & PHOENIX and a stand-alone fantasy that I'm calling Mansfield Park with polyandry and magic. And just a few days ago, I wrote notes for a short story in the world of the Seventy Kingdoms.

And there you have the seeds for my next year. I'll finish ALLEGIANCE and send that to my editor. While she's going to work with her red pen, I'll write the short story and send that to its intended market. And once ALLEGIANCE is well and truly delivered, I have seeds for more novels. I might plant them in 2012 or not, but at least I know I have them.
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Today I bring you the first of my Patented Low-Key Promo Bits for Fox & Phoenix....

In case you didn't know, I first wrote about Kai and his friends in a short story called "Pig, Crane, Fox: Three Hearts Unfolding," which appeared in the anthology Magic in the Mirrorstone. It was a fun story to write, and when several readers commented they wanted more about this world and these characters, I realized I had more to give them.

Alas, the anthology is now out of print, but for those who are curious about Kai's first adventure, I have released "Pig, Crane, Fox" as an e-book. It's now available for free from Smashwords (all kinds of formats), and for 99 cents** on Barnes & Noble, Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Amazon DE.

** I tried to make the book available for free on these sites, but Amazon and B&N won't permit that. I'm betting, however, that once Amazon sees the Smashwords price, it will lower its price too.
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My to-do list for this weekend includes:

  • Reviewing Locus's interview with me, and adding some new material at their request

  • Start reviewing the first pass galley pages for Queen's Hunt

  • Finish the final tweaks for the e-book version of "Pig, Crane, Fox" and making that available through all the usual channels

  • Update my website with the audio clips for FOX & PHOENIX

  • Figure out what kind of low-key promotion I can do for FOX & PHOENIX's launch**

  • Doing all kinds of laundry and other house-related chores

  • Pet the cats

So far, I've managed to work on the last item. *g*

** Suggestions for this are welcome. My list includes an ARC giveaway and the release of Pig, Crane, Fox, but I need one or two more low-key ideas.
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...everyone for the helpful comments on my latest cover attempt. I appreciate your taking the time to let me know what works and what doesn't. I'm going to set this one aside until I get to Oregon, where I can tweak and fiddle things to a higher polish. (My goal is to have the e-story available by the beginning of September.)


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