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The snow started falling around 9AM (or thereabouts) on Friday, but didn't really pick up speed or quantity until 1PM. Snow continued throughout the night until 1PM on Saturday. During the night, the wind speed was fairly brisk, with gusts up to 75mph. In our area, there wasn't much damage, mostly lots and lots of snow.

Here's what our house and yard looked like after the snow stopped falling. )
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The kind of skin cancer I had is called squamous.** It's faster growing than basel cell, but not as dangerous as melanoma. However, if not taken care of, it can spread to organs.

Today, the doctor removed my stitches, and we discussed further treatment and such. While they did get all the tumor, the bad news is that once you get skin cancer, you are more likely to get it again, especially if you are, like me, fair-skinned with red hair and freckles.

So. At our next visit, she and I will discuss whether or not to use a skin cream that can highlight any lurking precancerous spots. I'm also scheduled for annual full-body scans. (I was doing those with my previous dermatologist, but then we moved and things got hectic.)

** Which makes me think of H.P. Lovecraft. And really, isn't cancer an eldritch thing?
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The bad news is that it** was malignant. The good news is that the doctor managed to remove the whole thing in one shot. Also, luckily, I can still type, though the stitches are annoying.

** A "thing" popped up suddenly on the back of my hand. Doctor removed it last week,and I got the biopsy results today.
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So far...

We have cabinets and and counter. We have dishwasher and sink and disposal installed. We have new electrical outlets that follow code. And we have a tiled backsplash. M and I are both inordinately pleased by the sink more than anything else.

We also have a newly painted house (in Linen and Quixotic Plum), new gutters, eleven new windows, and a new patio door.

What's left to do? Installing the range, its oven vent, and the refrigerator. Adding trim around the doors, and adding baseboard. Staining thereof. Painting the walls and ceiling. Also getting a fence installed and removing the ugly but legal construction fence. Converting to gas before we run out of oil.

Not to mention writing a few more very large checks.

At that point, we will have finished Round #1 of renovations. The rest is fairly small scale. Getting the new window trim painted. Installing a door to my office to prevent Fig and Octavia invasions. Renovating the wall cabinet so our new TV fits. Um, probably a few other things I'm forgetting right now.

Next year we might get central AC. Then there are the bathrooms and the various wallpaper projects. Oh, and some landscaping.

Which all sounds like a lot. And it is. But right now, even before the renovations are done, I have a view of a pond, with pines lining the opposite shore, their green-blue reflections shimmering in the water.
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Feedback on ALLEGIANCE is showing up. (Yay! Thank you!) I'm thinking about plot issues, but I don't want to start any serious revisions until 1) we've moved, and 2) my official editorial letter also makes its appearance.

My short story idea died. Again. I wrote up some notes and filed them in my idea folder.

I am getting images and such for a follow-up River of Souls novel. It's about secondary and minor characters from QUEEN'S HUNT and ALLEGIANCE, set in Karovi, in the aftermath of MAJOR SPOILER. A draft of this novel exists, but several plot lines have shifted when I wrote ALLEGIANCE, so it needs a complete rewrite. Alas, I can't start anything new at the moment, but I might indulge myself by writing that scene with Maryshka and a shirtless Jannik.

House renovations are in progress. Bedrooms repainted. Pool repairs nearly complete. Contractor engaged for exterior painting and the new kitchen. Move-in date in two weeks.
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These are from Ostia and Ostia Antica. Instead of going directly to Florence after we landed, we stayed one night in Ostia, which is right next to Rome. Ostia Antica is the old city from Roman times, and we spent all of Sunday afternoon wandering through the ruins.


Mar. 25th, 2012 02:04 pm
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...from our vacation in Florence, which was splendid in all ways. Yes, pictures are forthcoming, but I'm not sure anything could truly capture the sights and scents, the brilliant colors of Botticelli's paintings, the sweep and grandeur and arrogance of the Medici chapel in San Lorenzo or the elegance of Michelangelo's designs in the sacristy next to it. They certainly can't recreate the flavor of the pasta, or the tolling of the bells, or the texture of bricks laid down by Romans and Etruscans.

But they can give a hint of all that. So yes, photos.

Today I am sorting through emails, unpacking our luggage, and trying to re-engage with the ordinary world. Tomorrow we retrieve Fig and Octavia from the kennel, where no doubt they are planning their revenge. Tomorrow is also go-back-to-work and time to start the new short story. (The voice for that story is still somewhat elusive, but parts are coming into focus, and I'm growing fond of my new protagonist.)
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Latest offer made and accepted. Inspection scheduled for Tuesday (tomorrow). There's a lot of renovation needed, but we think it will be worth it to have this view from the patio:

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Monday's cold turned into a sinus infection. I've had a sleepless week, with too much coughing, but I think I'm on the mend now. I'm attempting a half day at work. I'm still very, very tired, but I had a deadline yesterday, and I want to at least get some face time with my boss so we can talk about what to do.

Sigh. I meant to get so much done this week--work, Christmas shopping, more writing, more change-of-address minutiae. None of that happened.

ETA: I won't be going to work after all. A dizzy spell, and generally feeling wobbly, are pretty good signs I need more time to recover. Going back to bed now.
beth_bernobich: red mushroom (celestial map)'s a quiet one this year. Rob gave me a basket of fun gifts, including dark chocolate and phrase books for our upcoming Italian trip. Alas I also have a cold, but I'm hoping to stay awake long enough so we can go out for dinner.
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...that my LJ entries are rather sparse recently. I am posting, but to Facebook, with occasional bursts of conversation on Twitter, where those quick little updates seem a better fit.

So, a quick update here:

So, a quick update here: )
beth_bernobich: petal twigs (petal twigs) M, who turned eighteen (!!!) on Wednesday.

He celebrated by going out at midnight and buying lottery tickets and cigarettes. (He gave the cigarettes away.)

Ten minutes later, the police were questioning him and his friends. Apparently three men had robbed a Reed student at gunpoint, and the description given was "three young men, college age, dressed in jeans and sweatshirts." As you can imagine, this description fits most of the male Reed students. But the confusion was soon cleared up, and M and his friends could even help, because apparently they had encountered the robbers earlier, though they didn't get robbed.

M said it was a bit more excitement than he was looking for. :)
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Yesterday was the epic move. Four big guys spent four hours moving stuff from our house into their truck, then another three hours unpacking, with an hour's drive in between. While this was going on, I transported the cats and their equipment to the new house. The very first thing they did was to vanish into a hitherto unnoticed hole in the wall, which led to the space around the bathtub. Octavia came out later, lured by bacon and catnip. Fig remained in there, silent and invisible, for ten hours. We were convinced she had died of misery.

However, around 11PM, she emerged. Having familiar things around helped. Soon she was bumpbing my hand, demanding head scratches, and purring. I knew she would be okay when she started a fight with Octavia.

One more load to trasnport from the old house. A final sweeping. Closing tomorrow.

And this weekend, we can unpack.

one week...

Nov. 8th, 2011 01:42 pm
beth_bernobich: red mushroom (cat on a wire) Moving Day. Followed by Closing Day.

Then Rob and I can fall down and sleep all weekend. Or at least until the cats wake us.
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In no particular order...

  • We sold our house in Bethany, and so far, everything is on track for a closing on November 18th.

  • Unfortunately, the house we wanted to buy had too many problems, including rotted siding, a substandard electrical system, and mold in the basement. That's just for starters.

  • However, we have found a rental house that allows pets. It's not cheap, but it's close to our jobs. We can spend the winter there, then resume our house search in the spring.

  • The job is going reasonably well, considering.

  • Matt continues to love college, and has snagged his first set of part-time jobs.

  • In the book world, Fox & Phoenix is in the bookstores, I'm all done with Queen's Hunt until it launches, and I'm about 2/3 through the first draft for Allegiance, which is currently on hold until we move. Nadine is annoyed with me, because she wants her BIG SMOOCHY scene set into words. Ilse is annoyed with me, because she wants the same for her *MAJOR SPOILER* scene.

  • The cats are annoyed with us. I suspect they will be even more annoyed when they realize we are moving twice in one year.

  • And as some of you know, I'm stressed over various things, but I am hoping to find solutions to some problems, and maybe that will make the other problems easier to deal with.


Oct. 5th, 2011 06:54 am
beth_bernobich: red mushroom (sparkle kitties) our twentieth wedding anniversary.

It's also the day for our house inspection, and a full day at work for both of us, so we will probably limit ourselves to a nice dinner somewhere. We're thinking that next spring, however, we might take off for a trip to Italy.
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As I may have mentioned, we are looking for a new house that is closer to my job and Rob's. We spent the past two months getting our house ready for sale, and checking out (And at the same time, helping M get ready for college.)

So far...

  • M is at college and doing well

  • We've been visited by the house painters, the landscaper, and the carpenter. (Much like brownies, except we have to pay them.)

  • We've thrown out a dumpster's worth of junk

  • We've scrubbed, dusted, vacuumed, and made everything as neat as possible (except Octavia, who is beyond any power to make neat)

In the week after we listed the house, we had nine showings. Two were repeats, and both of those made offers. We're in the offer/counter-offer stage.

And today, we visit the top two houses on *our* list. We had three favorites, but one went off the market--not sold, just withdrawn. What's weird is that we feel as though we already know the houses. We've seen the photos on Zillow. We've driven by to see what the neighborhoods look like. We checked out the MLS data. And with maps, we can even check out bird's eye photos of the house from all angles. (That last is a bit creepy.) But nothing can replace actually walking through the rooms and poking into corners.

As for the cats, they are not at all happy that we leave early and come home late, so though they will undoubtedly hate moving, they will like having us around more. After all, they need us to let them in. And out. And back in.

Oh, and I almost forgot...

During the next couple weeks, I'll also be transitioning from contract employee to full-time employee.


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