Aug. 31st, 2014 09:04 am
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allegiance... latest news says the paperback version will appear next october.

coda story.... might appear in that same paperback. or not. but there are possibilities under discussion. one concern i have about adding it to the paperback is that it then won't be freely available to those who already bought the e-book or hardcover.

geek girl story.... alas, the very shiny anthology that bought this story got shelved. sooooo, story is currently in a slushpile, awaiting its turn.

edge of the empire... revising because i need to. i first wrote this novel seven years ago. it sold four years ago. i'm a better writer now and i think i can bring the story up a notch or three.

the time roads... six weeks to book day! i have guest blogs posts scheduled for the magical words blog. tynga's reviews will interview me during their paranorm'all hallows eve celebration, plus hold a giveaway for the time roads.
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I'm in between publishing deadlines at the moment, which leaves me both relieved and a bit disoriented. But I can tell my writing brain has recovered from the push to finish THE TIME ROADS, because all kinds of story ideas and images have been popping into head. Oh, but which one? Which one to choose?

A mix of three, I think.

One is a short story I call my coda to the River of Souls trilogy, which takes place thirty-five years after ALLEGIANCE. A draft is done and currently with a couple kind and generous readers.

One is EDGE OF THE EMPIRE. I wrote this novel back in 2007 and it shows. I want to revise the whole thing thoroughly—push the characters harder, follow through on consequences, get rid of the nice.

One is my Not-Mansfield-Park novel, which I'm tentatively calling St. Brendan's Isle. My plan is to write the first three chapters and a synopsis and see where to go from there. (The synopsis exists, but it's already out of date.)

And if I end up having more time, I also want to write the first three chapters to IN THE PRESENCE OF HER ENEMIES, which is the story of what happens after Valara returns to Morennio├╣.
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Or rather, kings and queens and the lands they rule.

As you know, dear reader, the River of Souls trilogy and its associated stories are epic fantasy, so there's a lot of talk about kingdoms and empires and political intrigue. I've written about Ilse and her own personal story in last week's post. This week, I wanted to cover more about the world she lives in.

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So. Queen's Hunt just came out, and I'm deep in edits for Allegiance, which ends the trilogy but not the series. Edge of the Empire takes place in the last century of the Erythandran Empire, with Ilse and Raul in a previous lifetime. (My tagline for that is pirates, sex, and magic.)

After that, if the series sells well enough, I can submit proposals for more books. And I do have notes and even complete rough drafts for more. The thing is, most of these other books are *not* about Ilse and Raul.

Why? Because I don't want to write a series where the characters simply face one generic obstacle after another. In Allegiance, Ilse and Raul will conquer...not the world, but the difficulties they've faced through a dozen lives. I do have short stories about their life after the trilogy, but nothing novel-length that brings them up another notch. That might change, but for now, I want to tell the stories about other kingdoms and other people whose paths crossed Ilse's in Queen's Hunt and Allegiance.

Now, readers and publishers might not agree. If that happens, I might find myself writing all those other books in my queue. (It's not as though I don't have ideas for other stories.) But at some point, for my own satisfaction, I want to finish up those "extra" novels. Once I do, we'll see what happens.
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My agent just reported that Tor Books made me a two-book offer. One book is THE EDGE OF THE EMPIRE, also known as my pirate novel. It's set in the same world as PASSION PLAY, but takes place five hundred years earlier.

The second book is THE TIME ROADS, my Éireann novel. It will encompass "A Flight of Numbers Fantastique Strange," "The Golden Octopus," ARS MEMORIAE, and more. (All the material will be revised to make a regular novel, though.)

I'm in a really weird state right now. Very, very good, but weird. I'm not sure how to explain it.


Feb. 17th, 2010 01:37 pm
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My pirate novel (real title: EDGE OF THE EMPIRE) just landed on an editor's desk.


Sep. 25th, 2007 02:33 pm
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Final draft of THE EDGE OF THE EMPIRE, done and sent off to the agent for her review.

22 chapters. 81K.

If she approves, we start sending this puppy off to markets.


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