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...will be extra stressful.

At the dayjob, we have a major deadline. March 4th is our go-live date for switching from the old database+knowledge system to a new one dictated by headquarters. Because the database has changed completely, we've had to upgrade all our associated applications, several of them very complicated ones. We are understaffed, headquarters keeps changing the database design, and local management is in 24-hour flail mode. To top things off, the latest report from HQ says they will give us the final version of the database on March 3rd, around 3PM our time. At that point, we need to add our custom tables and data and test all our applications before 8AM the next day when the customer hotline re-opens. We expect the week after go-live to be filled with fighting fires.

Meanwhile, copyedits for ALLEGIANCE are scheduled to arrive in my inbox on February 21st with the usual turn-around requirements. My original goal was to take my remaining three days of vacation so I could do an extra-thorough job, but that won't be possible. I'll be working overtime the whole two weeks and both weekends.

Add to that I have some health issues. The skin cancer appears to have returned, among other things.

Now, it's faintly possible that HQ will come to their senses and delay the go-live.

And even if they don't, it's faintly possible local management will say, "We need more time. No, really. We'll have our go-live date a week or two later."

Each will make their decision this coming week. So, I'll see what happens on Tuesday, when HQ announces their decision, and on Thursday, when our management announces theirs. Then most likely I will find a dark closet and howl.
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